Sunday, November 06, 2005


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This principle says that if you want to cultivate any quality in yourself such as fearlessness,confidence,love peace,happiness,enthusiasm,sense of humour,sense of security,hard work etc.,start behaving As If you already have that quality in you.Act”As If” you are facing a dreadful situation fearlessly and fear will go away out of you.Someone has very rightly said”Do the thing you fear & death of fear is certain.”.
Act “as if” you are full of confidence & lack of confidence will no more be there.
This principle is being used by us in our daily lives unconsciously:
(image placeholder) You have had bitter arguement in your house with someone and your mood is off.You are lying in the dark room & may even be weeping.Suddenly,you get the information that one of your close friends has arrived.What should be done now?As soon as you come to know about the arrival of your friend,you jump out of the bed,go to the bathroom,wash your face & look into the mirror.Then, you give yourself a broad smile & start acting ‘As If’nothing has happened.You sit with your friend in the living room & start behaving ‘As If’ nothing wrong has happened.you start behaving ‘As If’ your mood was never off & you are perfectly normal.and,after an hour or so,when your friend leaves,your mood is back to normal.After the departure of your friend ,you don’t need to return to dark room .You behaved ‘As If’everything was normal & it became so in reality too.
(image placeholder) You have to go to meet an important client or a very big official.You move from your home or office to start a tough journey.Roads are rough.There is a lot of sound pollution.You are stuck in a trffic jam.Because of such & other unforeseen circumstances,you don’t get time to relax before that important meeting starts.But,when you face that important person(client or official),how do you behave?Do you have chance to tell him how much stress you have faced in the way?No!on the other hand you act ‘As If’you are not at all stressed.You act’As If’everything was normal.You act’As If’you are full of confidence.You act ‘As If’you have solved bigger problems in the past.You act ‘As If’
you have come across bigger & more important people in the past.and,what is the result?You win & meeting is successful.

So, to apply ‘As If’principle in your life in order to remain happy,make the fullest use of following ‘Affirmations’by repeating them as many times you can to make them sink in your subconscious:

“There is no way to happiness,happines is the way.” (image placeholder)

“Every moment of my life is full of enthusiasm,joy & bliss”

These affirmations suggest ‘As If’you are already happy & enthusiastic & as you keep repeating them,your life becomes full of enthusiasm ,joy & bliss.



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